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Emergency Snow Removal Procedures

Step 1. All City snow removal equipment will be ready to go prior to the declaration of a snow emergency.

Step 2. The Mayor and/or City Administrator will declare a snow emergency if snow fall is to exceed two inches. Upon declaration, appropriate City staff will be notified and will follow the below procedure

Step 3. City Administrator will notify Worthing City Police

Step 4. City Administrator will notify media outlets.

Step 5. City Administrator will notify citizens via Text Alerts/Facebook/Twitter/Website
a. Communication will include specific time of snow removal and ticketing/towing procedure.
b. Communication will include City Ordinance #219

Step 6. Clearing of snow will occur in the following manner: (1st and Louise Ave if not already completed by the County)
a. Streets around the school
b. Main Street
c. Beck Street
d. Other roads in town
e. Alleys

Step 7. Upon completion of snow removal, City snow equipment will be maintained and ready to go for next removal.

Mailbox Policy

Mailboxes should be constructed stabile enough to be able to withstand snow coming off the end of the plow.  If damage occurs due to snow hitting the box, the City is not responsible for repairs.

Snow on Roadways

Depositing snow in any fashion (plowing, shoveling or blowing) unto a road (primary, arterial, collector or local street) and/or sidewalk is illegal.

The City of Worthing asks all citizens to obey these policies designed to keep the streets and sidewalks safe during winter months.

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