Legal Notices

Worthing is required to submit two drinking water samples per month to be analyzed for total coliform bacteria under the Revises Total Coliform. No sample was submitted during December 2021. The State of South Dakota and the US Environmental Protection Agency set drinking water standards and have determined that the presence of total coliforms is a possible health concern. Total coliforms are common in the environment and are generally not harmful themselves. Coliforms are used as an indicator that otherer potentially harmful, bacteria may be present. Also we did not test our chlorine residuals and cannot be sure of the quality of the drinking water during that time with respect to chlorine levels. Chlorine is used to disinfect water for protection against waterborne disease. Excess chlorine can caused irritation to the eyes and nose or cause stomach discomfort to some people. Chlorine residual levels are required to be monitored by any water system treating their water with chlorine. The State of SD and the EPA set drinking water standards and determined that excess levels of chlorine may be a health risk. Drinking water that meets the standard is associated with little to none of theses health risks and should be considered safe with respect to chlorine residual level. Worthing is taking the following actions to correct this problem-the proper number of samples was taken in the following month and we are now back into compliance with the sampling regulations. For more information, please contact THE HONORABLE BRADLEY HASUKA, PO BOX 277, WORTHING, SD 57077.


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