Worthing was incorporated in 1879 by James Madden and Fred Gerber as part of the expanding Milwaukee railroad. They donated land for the railroad to come through, and thus provided the economic and travel base for starting a community which has grown and evolved over the years.

For much of its first 100 years, Worthing was a quiet, small town nestled on the prairie, largely fueled by small farms, grain elevators, and the railroad. Between 1900 and 1990, the town's population fluctuated between 213 and 388. However, since 1990, Worthing's population has over doubled, largely due to the impressive growth of Sioux Falls. As a result, Worthing has largely shed its image of a small, farming town, but is now at a crossroads. Worthing is slowly trying to become a modern, vibrant community on the outskirts of Sioux Falls with its own character and small town charm rather than a bedroom community of Sioux Falls.


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