FROM MAYOR BRADLEY J. HAZUKA concerning Covid-19

We now have a confirmed case of COVID 19 in Lincoln county.Per the document and procedures the City Council discussed on Monday night, thecity will be locking the door to City Hall. City Hall services will only beavailable to citizens via phone and email. Planning and Zoning inspections willbe put on hold. Maintenance duties will continue, but employees willminimize contact with the public. City staff will do their best to wipe downhigh contact areas regularly. The Covid-19 Response plan adopted by the City of Worthing can be found on the home page of the City of Worthing web page.

Several communities around us have enacted legislationclosing down businesses where larger groups gather. I have discussed this withall the commission members, and via a strawpoll, we have decided that wewill ask our gathering places (Boondocks, Kim's Corner, and Blue Sky Junction)to voluntarily follow CDC recommendations and limit themselves to no more than10 people in the establishment at any one time. We are hopeful that thebusinesses will self regulate by offering off-sale liquor and curbside deliveryof food instead of dine-in and minimize public contact with their staff.CommissionerBernie Zahn has graciously volunteered to talk to thesebusinesses on the commission's behalf.

With the closing of businesses around us, we will continueto monitor and accessthe impact on our town as we go forward. If we feelthat self-regulation is not working, we will look at doing an emergency sessionto enact legislation similar to the communities around us.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Bradley J. Hazuka
Mayor, City of Worthing
(605) 610-8254


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