Fire Prevention Week

Fire prevention week is the week begins October 8 through the 14.

Worthing Fire Department Pancake Feed

Come join us at the Worthing Fire Department pancake feed, Sept. 23, from 9am-1pm.


Lennox Area Community Fund—Building a Stronger Community
The Lennox Area Community Fund began in 2004 to develop an endowment fund to benefit the communities of Lennox, Worthing, and Chancellor.
The Legacy Project’s mission is to provide an avenue for community supporters to leave a positive legacy for their community, by remembering LACF in their estate planning.

Lennox Area Community Fund Legacy Project
Legacy can be defined as something that has been handed down from the past to a future generation. This definition brings to mind the legacy that is our country. Religious and personal freedom, a democratic society and a free form of government are just a few of the legacies our forefathers have left our country. But this legacy was not free. Countless Americans paid a price for this legacy.
The LACF is presenting a new opportunity for you to leave a legacy of your own, the Legacy Project. This project will enable you to leave a lasting legacy in our communities for years to come. Read on to find out more on how you can make a lasting impact on our communities!

LACF Goals
The Lennox Area Community Fund invites you to become a part of a new legacy for the Lennox area community. The LACF was established in 2004 in order to provide an endowment fund that will benefit the communities of Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing for years to come. The Community Fund is available for grants for charitable, educational and scientific purposes that will specifically and directly benefit the people of these three communities.

How You Can Help!
The Community Fund Committee is asking you to consider a tax deductible gift to the Lennox Area Community Fund. Also, consider the fund in your estate planning, or in memorial gifts. It is a great chance for you to leave a personal legacy behind that will make your friends and family proud.
Gifts to the fund can be in the form of cash, stocks, or real estate. Please make checks out to the SFACF/Lennox Area Community Fund, and send them to Lennox Area Community Fund Treasurer, Valley Exchange Bank, P.O. Box 19, Lennox, S.D. 57039.

How We Operate!
The Lennox Area Community Fund was established in conjunction with the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. The committee raised $45,000 during the first two years, which allowed them to receive matching funds of $5,000 from Valley Exchange Bank of Lennox and $10,000 from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. Valley Exchange Bank of Lennox will continue to contribute $5,000 to the fund each year that the committee raises $15,000. Grants will be awarded annually. The monies available for grants will be based on the balances of the fund. The committee hopes to raise enough legacy funds to keep this fund solid well into the future. Please consider your legacy and make the LACF a part of it!

Change of Meeting Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Worthing City Commission has changed its regular session meeting from Monday, July twenty third (23rd), 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to Monday, July twenty third (23rd), 2012 at 8:30 p.m. The location of the meeting will be the Worthing Civic Center.
To read the full notice, CLICK HERE.

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